Shore Excursion Ketchikan – Alaskan Chef’s Table

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Dust off your fondest memory of an exquisite meal highlighted by an entertaining host by stepping out of the ordinary. Today you’ll be an honored guest for a meal that will not only please your palate, but will entertain you by highlighting Ketchikan’s individual epicurean culture. Whether you rank yourself as a true gourmet or simply a fine dining connoisseur, this is a tour to savor. Entering the private club room overlooking the harbor, you’ll feel an immediate sense of intimacy with just a handful of guests as you settle in with your host.

Hear about Norwegian grandmothers in the Lutheran church basement, competing to cook up the best fish cakes in town. Relive tales of stormy nights at sea while comparing the rich tastes of King or Dungeness crab. A five course tasting menu is planned to highlight Alaska’s sustainable, wild bounty. Your personal chef serves a succulent meal while sharing secret methods of brining, roasting, smoking and grilling. Leave with the recipes and knowledge to duplicate your sumptuous meal for friends and family at home.